Dental Crowns


A dental crown is used to cover a damaged tooth and restore the tooth’s strength and durability. Dental crowns cover the entire portion of the tooth visible above the gum line. This is different from a filling, which only covers a portion of the visible part of your tooth.

A dental crown can repair:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Fragile teeth

Crowns are sometimes also used for cosmetic purposes in order to repair a misshapen or discolored tooth. If you have replaced a missing tooth with a dental bridge, a dental crown can help to anchor a dental bridge.

A dental crown is typically created over the course of two visits. During the first visit we will remove a portion of the outside surface of the tooth which will later be replaced by the crown. This is known as shaping the tooth. Once your tooth is shaped, we will take several impressions of the tooth which will be sent to a dental technician who will design your dental crown. At the end of your first appointment you will receive a temporary crown to cover your tooth while the permanent crown is being made. During your second appointment, we will attach the permanent crown to your tooth.


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