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Dental Cleanings in Century City Los Angeles, CA

Do you know how often you should be visiting your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings? When was the last time you visited the dentist? Even though children, teens, and adults can all benefit from visiting their dentist twice a year, unfortunately, many people don’t come in as often as possible. To maintain a healthy, beautiful, and radiant smile, you must be visiting Dr. Scott and her team at least twice a year for dental cleanings.

Dental Cleanings | Dentist in Los Angeles, CA | Dr. Sherri Scott, DDS

What to Expect

Here at our Los Angeles practice, Dr. Scott and her team are focused on ways to promote optimal health and preserve your natural smile. This means, providing our patients with preventive care such as oral exams and regular cleanings. When you come into our practice several measures are taken to ensure that you leave our office with a healthy, clean smile. These steps include,

Performing a comprehensive oral exam

Before one of our hygienists starts to clean your teeth, they will first examine your teeth using a mirror to inspect all areas of your mouth including your gums and oral tissue. They are looking for decay, gum disease, and other possible issues that may warrant additional care. These visits are important, as they allow us to assess your oral health and catch problems early.

Removing plaque and tartar buildup

This is an important part of your professional dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar can easily buildup on and around teeth. Over time, this buildup can result in cavities and gum disease. By removing plaque and tartar from areas that may be harder for you to reach we can keep your teeth and gums clean and problem-free. This is why our patients should come into our practice every six months, so we can keep plaque and tartar buildup to a minimum.

Performing an oral cancer screening

Once you go through the full dental cleaning, which involves brushing, flossing, and rinsing (as well as X-rays once a year), Dr. Scott will come in to check your smile herself. Dr. Scott will use special tools to remove any last traces of plaque and tartar and make sure there are no issues or concerns. This is also the perfect time for you to ask her any questions you might have regarding your oral health, whether it’s about grinding your teeth at night or wondering whether you need your wisdom teeth extracted.

If you are looking for a dentist here in Century City Los Angeles, CA that can provide you with comprehensive, gentle checkups and cleanings,
then you’ve come to the right place! To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sherri Scott, call (310) 552-2424!

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